Ph.D.'s Research



Dr. Corina Sandu, Advanced Vehicle Dynamic (AVDL) Department of Mechanical Engineering.

Dr. Adrian Sandu , Computational Science Laboratory (CSL), Department of Computer Science.


MATLAB symbolic math toolbox, software developer: creation of a symbolic library for solving complex multibody dynamic and robotic systems:

  • Symbolic dynamic equation of complex systems.
  • Direct derivatives of differential equations with respect to parameters.
  • Integration method for sensitivity analysis.


Fortran, software developer: co-development of MBSVT, a numerical library for solving complex multibody dynamics and robotic systems including:

  • Kinematic, Static and Dynamic analysis.
  • Hybrid (continuous and discontinuous) direct and adjoint parameters sensitivity analysis.
  • Systems optimization and control.


Model Projects :

  • Passive bipedal walking stability dealing with non-smooth contacts.
  • Linear hydro-pneumatic actuator simulation.
  • Tracked and suspended vehicle systems.
  • Vehicle suspension simulation.




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